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ered to the Continental levies, just fou▓r years after the defeat of

Burgoyne. The Br▓itish troops had be

haved, be i▓t said, with

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the greatest gall●antry.The 71st, the grenadie▓rs of the old 80th, and

espec●ially the Royal Welsh Fusiliers,

had done ▓all that men could,

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and the c▓olours of the last-named regiment ▓were, like those of the

9th at● Saratoga, taken home wrapped r

ound the b●odies of two

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officers.Lord Corn●wallis himself bears testimony▓ that the All

ies behaved with dignity, and that ●“t

he treatment in general that

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we have rece●ived from the enemy since our surrender has ▓been perfectly good and proper.●” Of the above regiments, the▓ 76th, 71st, and 80th were af●terwards disbanded in 1783-84. Five days▓ later, Clinton’s tardy reinfo▓rcements reached the Chesapeake f▓rom New York, but it was too▓ late.French assistance, and ▓still more French money, to the exhaus▓ted and almost bankrupt Americans had br●ought peace within measurable distance, an●d just eight years after the eventful confl●ict of Lexington, the news of the Peace of ●Paris was communicated to the● army. Though of little military value, the ●embers of the struggle for independence ▓still rem

ained alight, and so f

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  • ar▓ flickered into a flame in 1814, as to make ▓it worth while recording the▓ last instance in which British troops foug?/p>

  • 駂t on American soil.The New Republic had bee●n a bit tête montée after i●ts undoubted success against ▓the mother coun

  • try.There was unques▓tionably the feeling arising, fi●rst of all, of a natural continuance● of sympathy for France, as we

  • ll as that of ha●ving “licked the Britishers▓, who had licked the world.” The cau●ses of irritation are immater▓ial, a

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